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hopcott.com/magazines, 2001: BMX Plus! Magazine is a longtime favorite among the world's young cyclists. BMX Plus! thrives on fun and excitement! From the hot action of BMX racing to the madness of freestyle, this is the magazine that rules this unique sport.
mike aitken bmx plus! 01 01 january 2001 (1)
Mike Aitken on the cover
Ryan Nyquist column: Winnebagos and miniramps.
John Parker column: A lesson in motivation.
ON THE MOVE: Hit those rails, boy!
MOUNTAIN BIKES & BMX: Two worlds merging?
FIRST AID AND BIKES: Quick! Stop the bleeding
SERVICE STATION: On the straight and narrow
ON THE MOVE: How to no footed nose pick
2001 BIKE BUYER'S GUIDE: Virtually every bike made
GET A JOB!: No more sleeping in
BACK TO BASICS: Starting from scratch
FORKS: What you should know
MOVING PICTURES: Psst, look here...
HEAD-TO-HEAD: Nirve meets Free Agent for a duel
EASTERN JANE: Not your sister's bike
EVENTS: NBL GRAND NATIONALS 2000 A very warm Louisville, Kentucky
INTERBIKE 2000 Gimmicks and scooters
VANS TRIPLE CROWN Stop #2 and #3 and $58,000 to Chris Sanchez
INSIDE SCOOP Some info for ya
MAILBAG Mail call
ASK THE BMXperts Getting technical
FLYPAPER Lance Mosley
RADICAL RICK Yeah, that's right!
TRICK STUFF Parts, not components
lee villareal bmx plus! 02 01 february 2001 (2)
Lee Villareal turndowns on the cover.
Rick Thorne's new bride Madonna skateboarding.
Ryan Nyquist and John Parker's columns.
Dave Young poster.
The ultimate BMX bike.
2-Hip Meet The Street, San Francisco, CA.
ABA FallNationals Del Mar, CA.
GT/Panasonic King Of Dirt final round.
How to build a complete bike.
Danny Nelson and gate starting.
Frames buyers guide.
Bikes: Schwinn faces Powerlite.
Pros bikes: John Parker and Chad Kagy.
2001 dirt jumpers, the next 10 superstars ? Mike Aitken, Grant Teel, Ryan Jordan, Rob Darden, Dan P'Simer, Adam Baker, Ronnie Chalk, Kevin Porter, Ryan Barrett, Mark Kehl.

* 14 RYAN'S COLUMN: You never know what he's going to say
* 16 PARKER'S COLUMN: 2001
* 42 PRODUCT PROBE: Cranks, pedals, bars and more
* 46 PRO TALK 2: More trash talkin'
* 52 PAST TEST FORCERS: You'll never guess who
* 66 FRAME BUYER'S GUIDE: You have to see this!
* 76 INSIDE THE PROS' BIKES: Chad Kagy and John Parker
* 77 THE NEW DIRT JUMPERS FOR 2001: Watch out, guys, here come the young'ins
* 78 TOUGH TIMES: Hand in there tough one
* 80 DEALING WITH THE PRESSURE: All about tire pressure
* 84 MOVING PICTURES: You know what's here
* 92 ON THE MOVE: Danny Nelson and gate starting

* 18 HEAD-2-HEAD: Schwinn faces Powerlite

* 8 INSIDE SCOOP: Some stuff and some news
* 10 MAILBAG: Have you written lately?
* 12 ASK THE BMXperts: Ask, and you shall receive
* 50 FLYPAPER: Dave Young grinds away
* 82 SUBSCRIBE TO BMX PLUS!: Get it without leaving your home!
* 94 RADICAL RICK: Rick and his friends
* 96 TRICK STUFF: Good products
* 98 PARTING SHOT: Scotty and a no hander.

* 20 ABA FALLNATIONALS: Del Mar, California
* 50 2-HLP MEET THE STREET: San Francisco, California
* 60 PANASONIC KING OF DIRT: The final round!
ryan sher bmx plus! 03 01 march 2001 (2)
Ryan Sher fufanus a big back rail at Skate Street Skatepark in California on the cover.
Gabe Weed gets rad with some flatland trickery for the table of contents.

* 36 $400 DIRT JUMP SHOOTOUT: K2 vs. Mosh vs. Redline vs. Hoffman

* 20 INVERT 2000: Sports Carnival with racing and dirt jumping.
* 44 ABA GRANDNATIONALS: Nearly 600 motos!

* 16 NYQUIST COLUMN: Pro roller skater?
* 18 PARKER COLUMN: Concussion dreams
* 26 PMA: Rick Thorne and PMA
* 28 PRO BIKE GIVEAWAY: Alan Foster's personal bike
* 42 INSIDE THE PROS' BIKES: Dave Mirra and Mike Laird.
* 52 TOP RACERS FOR 2001: The fast guys
* 54 ON THE MOVE DIRT: How to 360
* 56 HANG LOOSE: A new park in North Carolina
* 62 THE LEARNING CURVE: Where are you?
* 68 PRODUCT PROBE: Testing new product
* 72 ON THE MOVE: How to bunnyhop!
* 74 FACES: Who's Woodstock?
* 76 ALL ABOUT CRANKS: Yeah, that's right
* 78 BMX MYTHS: Fact or fiction
* 80 EYE OPENER: Yes, riding is dangerous
* 84 MOVING PICTURES: Photos of Jim Morrison.

* 8 INSIDE SCOOP: New and more news
* 10 MAILBAG: Did you know...
* 12 ASK THE BMXperts: Good info
* 50 FLYPAPER: Travis Brandon suicide truckdrivers at sunset.
* 82 SUBSCRIBE TO BMX PLUS!: Now is the time to subscribe.
* 94 RADICAL RICK: Rick gets rad.
* 96 TRICK STUFF: The newest of the new.
* 98 PARTING SHOT: Dirt jump wall rides.
mark kehl bmx plus! 04 01 april 2001 (1)
Mark Kehl throwing down a laid-out no-handed flip.

* 14 NYQUIST AND NYQUIST: The little brother speaks
* 16 PARKER COLUMN: Around in circles.
* 18 THE LOOP OF DOOM: Going round and round
* 36 HOW TO SHIP YOUR BIKE: Get there safe
* 42 INSIDE THE PROS' BIKES: Craig Reynolds and Jason Richardson
* 44 FACES: Adam Baker
* 48 POINT AND SHOOT BMX: Steve Olpin's creation
* 52 BACKYARD HEAVEN: The way a backyard should look
* 54 TIM FUZZY HALL: An interview
* 62 REAL RIDE: A huge skatepark
* 64 ALL ABOUT WHEELS: Tons of info
* 68 ON THE MOVE DIRT: How to turndown
* 72 PRODUCT PROBE: Test that baby!
* 74 PRO BIKE GIVEAWAY: Get Fuzzy's bike
* 76 HORSE SHOES AND HAND GRENADE: Pull the pin and run
* 78 MOVING PICTURES: Another roll of film please


* 22 HARO BACKTRAIL PRO: Nyquist's signature bike
* 24 DYNO DETOUR: Flatland trickery
* 26 MONGOOSE EXPERT: Affordable dirt jumping
* 28 KONA KUKU: Gray dirt jumping
* 70 24-INCH JUMPERS: Diamondback and Free Agent

* 8 INSIDE SCOOP: Info and news and info and news
* 10 MAILBAG: Have we got some letters for you
* 12 ASK THE BMXperts: Tech info
* 50 FLYPAPER: Ronnie Chalk
* 82 SUBSCRIBE TO BMX PLUS!: Get it at your doorstep
* 94 TRICK STUFF: Goodies
* 96 RADICAL RICK: #75 in the radness sequence
* 98 PARTING SHOT: Lucas Porzio with a huge feeble down a kinked ledge.
rob darden bmx plus! 05 01 may 2001
BMX Plus! may 2006: Rob Darden scores the cover with a no footed can can in Northern California. TJ Lavin had an interview were he tried one of the first double backflips ever, only to crash and burn. He also gets the poster with a turn-up flip. The BMX Plus! Pro Olympics were held, and Thomas Allier dominated every event; he bunnyhopped over 47 inches! There are stories on how to build ramps at home, on bike racks, about inspiration, and how to get public skateparks in your town. Last but not least, Matt Beringer demonstrates how to do sprocket grinds and the Dirt Master Creature was tested.

* 26 PROFILE JYD: The Junkyard Dog
* 30 DIRT MASTER: The Creature lives
* 62 HUFFY TEST: Explosive M-80

* 20 NYQUIST COLUMN: Strange things are brewing
* 22 PARKER COLUMN: Bike poetry
* 24 FACES: Stephen Murray
* 28 ON THE MOVE: Sprocket grinding
* 32 ALL ABOUT PEDALS: Probably more than you need to know
* 42 TJ LAVIN INTERVIEW: Bright lights and big fame
* 52 ON THE MOVE: Fuzzy and suicides
* 68 PRO OLYMPICS: 47" bunnyhop!
* 72 BIKE RACK GUIDE: Take your bikes everywhere
* 74 YMCA DIRT JUMP PARK: Get dirty, kids
* 76 PRODUCT PROBE: How good are they?
* 78 VERT MANUFACTURING: Mail-order skateparks
* 80 MOVING PICTURES: Who, what when and how...

* 8 INSIDE SCOOP: Yep, that's right
* 14 MAILBAG: Billy, your mom wrote in
* 18 ASK THE BMXperts: Technical info from pros
* 82 SUBSCRIBE TO BMX PLUS!: Get it right away
* 94 TRICK STUFF: Tons of product
* 96 RADICAL RICK: Original pool shark
* 98 PARTING SHOT: Need a lift?
dave halford bmx plus! 06 01 june 2001

Davin "psycho" Halford double fork grab at Hoffman's warehouse on the cover.

* 22 POVERTY G-RIDE: Bling Bling
* 24 POWERLITE GROMMET: One for the kids
* 26 DK LEGACY: Doyle's signature frame

* 38 ABA/NBL RACE UPDATE: Mud, sweat and tears
* 46 CFB ROUND 1: Crazy bikers in Jacksonville, Florida.

* 18 RYAN NYQUIST COLUMN: Rock star status
* 20 JOHN PARKER COLUMN: Going downhill
* 28 PRO BIKE GIVEAWAY: Nastazio parts with his love.
* 30 FACES: Seth Kimbrough.
* 44 INSIDE THE PROS BIKES: Gabe Weed and Matt Beringer's.
* 54 FACES #2: Timo, from Germany.
* 58 10 WORST THINGS... For your bike, silly.
* 60 ALL ABOUT FRAMES: Know your bike
* 64 SUPERCROSS CROSSOVER: Cross dressing what?
* 66 HOFFMAN'S PRO BMX: It's all a video game
* 70 PRODUCT PROBE: Here, test this thing
* 72 HOW TO BOX YOURSELF: To ship yourself
* 74 SPRING TUNE UP: Summer's coming
* 76 MOVING PICTURES: TJ Lavin and an early double flip attempt, Jon Peacy with a barspin to smith stall, Troy McMurray with a 360 nacnac on dirt and more.
* 88 REST IN PEACE: Bye-bye bad products

* 8 INSIDE SCOOP: Rumors and news
* 14 MAILBAG: Please write good letters
* 16 ASK THE BMXperts: Questions and answers
* 82 SUBSCRIBE TO BMX: Subscribe, little one
* 93 TRICK STUFF: Goodies for everyone
* 96 RADICAL RICK: Pipeline madness
* 98 PARTING SHOT: Josh Harrington with a bar to icepick gone bad.
bmx plus! 07 01 july 2001
* 24 FRAME TEST: Standard gets some abuse
* 26 FREE AGENT RACEWAY: Going fast, Euro style
* 36 DIAMONDBACK ASSAULT: Careful, assault is a crime
* 62 SCWHINN POWERMATIC: Or is it an automatic?

* 20 NYQUIST COLUMN: What's he up to now?
* 22 KEITH KING: Why do you ride?
* 28 OLD SCHOOL VS. NEW SCHOOL: What is better?
* 38 NBL/ABA UPDATE: Keeping you up to speed
* 44 FACES: Austin Coleman
* 47 PRO BIKE GIVEAWAY: Rick Thorne's bike
* 52 B3 ROUND ONE: Don't be fooled by TV
* 60 ON THE MOVE: How to barspin
* 64 TAILS FROM THE TRAILS: Funny riding stories
* 68 GABE WEED INTERVIEW: Flathland para via!
* 74 SEAT BUYER'S GUIDE: And all about your seat
* 78 MINI RAMP BASICS: Learn to ride that transition
* 80 PRODUCT PROBE: Breaking stuff
* 84 MOVING PICTURES: Pretty little pictures

* 8 INSIDE SCOOP: Mat Hoffman is nuts!
* 14 MAILBAG: You want some letters?
* 18 ASK THE BMXperts: You have some questions
* 50 FLYPAPER: Chris Doyle, tailwhip
* 82 BMX PLUS!SUBSCRIP-TION INFO: Get it straight to your door
* 94 TRICK STUFF: Parts, stuff and product
* 95 RADICAL RICK: Back at it again
* 98 PARTING SHOT: Chad Kagy
bmx plus! 08 01 august 2001
* 20 HARO'S 16-INCH BACKTRAIL: Fun for kids and adults
* 24 MOSH BRASS 4 STAR: Street, park and everything
* 30 MONGOOSE PRO FUZZ: Dirt jumping chaos
* 65 FRAME TEST: Federal Division

* 26 HIGH SCHOOL DIRT JUMPING: A contest during 4th period
* 44 DK DIRT CIRCUIT: Round one in Florida
* 52 UGP ROOTS: The best contest this decade
* 74 NBL/ABA UPDATE: Round and round they go

* 18 RYAN NYQUIST: Writes again
* 22 INSIDE JOHN PURSE: Off Redline?
* 29 INSIDE THE PROS' BIKES: Mark Kehl and Matt Hadan
* 32 T'SHIRT BUYER'S GUIDE: A whole lot a cotton
* 60 FACES: Dustin Gunther, eh!
* 64 PRO BIKE GIVEAWAY: Dave Mirra lets go
* 68 ENERGY FOODS: Get up and go
* 79 HOW TO STAY COOL: Tips to beat the heat
* 80 HOW TO HOLD A CONTEST: Show what you got
* 82 MOVING PICTURES: Dirt, street and flat
* 90 PRODUCT PROBE: Testing...socks?

* 8 INSIDE SCOOP: Things to know
* 12 MAILBAG: The bag is here
* 16 ASK THE BMXperts
* 50 FLYPAPER: TJ Lavin and Fuzzy Hall together
* 66 BMX PLUS!SUBSCRIPTION INFO: Subscribe, now!
* 93 TRICK STUFF: Great stuff
* 96 RADICAL RICK: Freestyle in effect
* 98 PARTING SHOT: 3...2...1...Splashdown
tj lavin bmx plus! 09 01 september 2001
TJ Lavin in his backyard shot by Adam booth on the cover.

* 20 REDLINE PROLINE EXPERT: Half-size racing
* 22 HARO SR 3.0: Full-sized race machine
* 24 EASTERN TEST: The Ace of Spades
* 74 FRAME TEST: Fit time

* 26 CORY FLIPS OUT: Did he pull the double flip?
* 36 RIDER OF THE YEAR VOTING: Freestyler, Dirt Jumper and Racer ballots
* 40 HOW TO NAME BIKES: It's only a name
* 44 ANOTHER FREESTYLE CONTEST: CFB round 2, Lake Perris, California
* 52 NUMBER ONE PROS: Thomas and Wade
* 60 ALL ABOUT STEMS: What more do you need?
* 62 MIRRA SUPER TOUR: You have to see this
* 77 HOW TO CHANGE A TIRE: Or a tube
* 79 GIRLS IN BMX: Race and freestyle women
* 84 MOVING PICTURES: Lights, camera, action
* 90 PRODUCT PROBE: Test 1....2...3...

* 8 INSIDE SCOOP: Did you know...
* 12 MAILBAG: A few more letters
* 14 ASK THE BMXperts: Got a question?
* 50 FLYPAPER: Darrin Berrecloth
* 66 SUBSCRIBE TO BMX PLUS!: At your doorstep
* 93 TRICK STUFF: Products, baby!
* 96 RADICAL RICK: Grettin rad
* 98 PARTING SHOT: Off in the sunset

BMX Plus! september 2006: The creator of Radical Rick comics gets an interview in Inside Scoop. His name is Damion Fulton and he explains everything about the comic strip that entertained so many between 1979 and 1993. Ryan Nyquist has his usual column update and he interviews himself and it's quite hilarious! Cory Nastazio goes for a double backflip for a Vans commercial and it's pretty crazy. We give you the inside bit on how to get started in the ABA and NBL. Our annual Rider Of The Year voting takes place. CFB holds a contest at Real Ride Skatepark in Lake Perris, California. Ryan Nyquist wins park and dirt, Jamie Bestwick wins vert and Nathan Penonzek takes flat. Wade Bootes and Thomas Allier get an interview as the two number one pros. Dave Mirra ESPN Super Tour is covered in this issue with Rob Darden, Colin MacKay, Mike Laird and Ryan Nyquist. Parting shot goes out to a young Mike Aitken with a one-footed flattie in Utah.
ryan nyquist bmx plus! 10 01 october 2001
Ryan Nyquist suicide no-hander during the Mirra tour on the cover.

* 18 HARO JR.: Small talk
* 44 2002 DIAMONDBACK ORION: New bikes already?
* 68 2002 FREE AGENT AIR RAID: This means war
* 74 FBM NIGHT TRAIN: Burn, baby, burn

* 22 SOUL BOWL: Just add milk
* 56 DK/CORE TOUR: From the sun to the sand
* 76 MOBILE SKATEPARK SERIES: On the road again
* 78 VANS TRIPLE CROWN: Who stole the hill?

* 16 WONDER BOY: And boy, do we wonder about Ryan
* 34 ON THE MOVE: Tailwhips are easy
* 36 GETTING STARTED IN FREESTYLE: I saw it on television
* 38 SKATEBOARDS AND BMX: Before you make that bet....
* 46 PRO BIKE GIVEAWAY: Bagley offers everything but the kitchen sink
* 48 SERVICE STATION: Sun's lower detangler cables and chain breaking
* 52 FACES: Gary Young.
* 64 10 THINGS THAT WILL MAKE YOU FASTER: It's not hopeless
* 72 CLIPPLESS PEDALS: Are they all they're clipped up to be
* 84 MOVING PICTURES: Look at'em go

* 8 INSIDE SCOOP: What's the digs?
* 12 MAILBAG: More "Hate Mail"
* 14 ASK THE BMXPERTS: Why is the sky blue?
* 50 FLYPAPER: Byron Anderson
* 70 PRODUCT PROBE: Give it to Plus!, they'll try anything
* 82 SUBCRIBE TO PLUS!: Do it! Quick!
* 92 TRICK STUFF: More stuff you can't live without
* 96 RADICAL RICK: Like you don't know
* 97 PARTING SHOT: Don't forget to turn out the lights when you leave
adam banton bmx plus! 11 01 november 2001
Adam Banton handplant on the cover.

* 52 SPECIALIZED 415 X-PERT: Freestyle for little ones
* 56 MONGOOSE EXPERT: Dirt jump madness
* 58 FRAME TESTING: S&M's Beringer frame
* 62 BULLY HOTROD: Not your mom's station wagon

* 38 NBL STARS AND STRIPES: Big jumps and fast straights

* 16 NYQUIST COLUMN: Trick or Treat!
* 18 10 UPGRADES FOR $10: Dirt cheap ideas
* 22 2002 SNEAK PEEK: First glimpse of 2002 goodies
* 34 ULTIMATE FREESTYLE BIKE: Vote now and win!
* 36 ON THE MOVE: Bryon Anderson is teaching
* 46 EAST SIDE: Brandon Pundai interview
* 54 PRO BIKE GIVEAWAY: Kind of...
* 60 PRODUCT PROBE: Hand me that hammer
* 64 ALL ABOUT FREEWHEELS: Before you pedal..
* 68 TECH TIP: Detangling detanglers
* 70 OOT AND ABOOT: Josh Rotts shares
* 74 DON'T READ THIS: Under no circumstances
* 76 MOVING PICTURES: A million pounds worth
* 96 RADICAL RICK: The boy is rad

* 8 INSIDE SCOOP: Look, now!
* 12 MAILBAG: A lot of them
* 14 ASK THE BMXperts: Preguntas?
* 66 SUBSCRIBE TO PLUS!: Don't miss an issue
* 89 TRICK STUFF: Two million pounds worth
* 98 PARTING SHOT: Oops, I did it again...

BMX Plus! november 2006: Adam Banton gets a one of a kind spread pull-out cover doing a handplant over a coping to coping spine at the PSA Skatepark in Huntington Beach, California, Ryan Nyquist has his column in this issue and tells a story about Trick-or-Treating with a friend and how they dressed up as Pro bike riders. If you have this issue, reread his column, it's great. On the following page we give you ten upgrades for $10 bucks, man what would you riders do without us, you would all be broke. It's 2001 and we give you a sneak peek at all the bikes and frames coming out for 2002. Byron Anderson demonstrates a nose bonk On The Move. The Stars and Stripes race is covered in Southpark. Pennsylvania and Christophe Leveque takes AA Pro- Trail boss Brandon Pundai from the East coast gets a sweet trail interview and the poster doing a 360 X-up. Editor and photographer Adam Booth gives away his bike right out of our office, due to the fact that he broke his thumb. Moving Pictures takes us through some great memories of 2001. Cohn Winkelman, Matt Gardner, Koji Kraft, Todd Walkoviak, Rob Darden, Van Homan, Corey Coffee, and Adam Banton make up some great photos.
dave mira x games bmx plus! 12 01 december 2001
Dave Mirra on the cover.
Bikes: $300-$400 Dirt Jump Shootout, Frame Testing Events: Going Downhill--X-Games, Worlds Collide, X-Games Features: Nyquist Column, Inside The Pros' Bike, 10-Must Have Products, Trash Talk, Warped Tour, Russia Visited, How To Crash, Product Probe, Moving Pictures, Radical Rick

BMX Plus! december 2006: Dave Mirra graces the cover with a backflip Xup sequence from the X Games in Philly. Ryan Nyquist has his monthly column in this issue and tells a funny stork about how shaving your face relates to riding a skalepark. You just have to read the article if you can find this one laying around your house; it's great. We go Inside the Pros' bikes with Steven McCann who is still riding a Mongoose frame (the same sponsor he rides now) and Vic Murphy who shows off his tough-looking Dirt Bros bike that's painted like the American flag. On page 34 we give you top ten products to put on your Christmas wish list, some product of that time were Haro Magnesium pedals, Odyssey Evolver brakes and Quamen flatland bars, all of which are still popular today! Woodward hosts the X Games downhill BMX race and Brandon Meadows takes the main. The Metal Kizz frame gets a testing by Ty Hatheway. Ty Stuyvensant, Allan Cooke and Adam Baker all have funny crash sequences in a feature story on How to Crash with Grace. X Games 2001 in Philadelphia is a ten-page feature story. Highlights include Ryan Nyquist doing a 360 backflip with his classic Oakley goggles on that he used to always wear when he rode. Stephen Murray also fired out a double backflip on dirt. Stephen Murray won dirt, Martti Kuoppa won flat, Bruce Crisman won park and Dave Mirra walked away with the vert win. Todd Walkoviak rounds of the issue with a stellar photo in Moving Pictures doing a no footed can can.