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bmx plus! 01 86 january 1986
On the cover: (top right) Shawn Carmody flies at the ABA Gold cup championship in Texas. (other photos clockwise from top left) Mike Buff, Tony Adams, Mike Dominguez, Billy Griggs and Ron Wilkerson on the top bikes in freestyle for the giant freestyle bikes shootout.
Giant freestyle-bike shootout.
Ron Wilkerson interview.
Indoor freestyle tricks.
ABA Gold cup championships.Rockin' at Rockville.
mike miranda bmx plus! 02 86 february 1986
Factory Radster Mike Miranda at Lake Elsinore on the cover. (inset) Sidehackers Perez and Garrido. Upland.
ABA fall nationals Elsinore.
How to promote local racing ?
USBA Las Vegas.
Haro and MCS 240 Cruiser tests.
King of Skateparks Freestyle coverage.
mike dominguez bmx plus! 03 86 march 1986
Mike Dominguez and Lester Kasai on the cover,
1986 GHP Phase 1, Test
1986 Kuwahara Bravo, Test
ABA GrandNationals/Pro Spectacular
Story: The Evolution of BMX.
How-to: The Power Mower.
How to get a sponsor.
ACS vs Skyway: spin/rotor challenge.
Who's the radder? freestylers vs skateboarders.
brian blyther mike dominguez bmx plus! 04 86 april 1986
Brian Blyther over Ron Wilkerson on the cover, Robby Rupe, Rich Sigur and John Tomac inbox.
1986 Redline 600CXL, Test
1986 Dyno Compe II, Test
NFA Grand Nationals, Timonium, MD
NBL Christmas National, Columbus,OH
Special: BMX Evoution, Part 2, 77' Team Terrible.
randy tischmann bmx plus! 05 86 may 1986 (scanned by Philippe 1003 - download)
Randy Tischmann lays a rad one handed top side cancan at Buff's house on the cover. Photo by John Ker. Inst: Rich Sigur (top) and Robby Rupe (bottom).
Inside scoop: AFA Freestyle contests schedules, Hutch sells the NFA, Schwinn Freestyle team, ...
Tests: Skyway Street Styler, GT Pro Series and Schwinn Free-form Z.
Races: USBA San Diego, ABA supernationals Los Angeles, CA.
Freestyle: AFA masters finals Manchester, NH.
How to: Backwards infinity roll.
Inside GT factory tour.
Stem shootout.
Departments: Ron Wilkerson, Ask the bmxperts, mailbag, Radical Rick #75, BMXperts, Mail Bag, Trick stuff. Parting shot.
eddie fiola bmx plus! 06 86 june 1986
Eddie Fiola got up at five-thirty in the morning on a sunday for this eight o'clock photo session at the pipe. It paid off with this cover shoot of his alley oop lookback out of the tunnel. (inset) Billy Griggs torture tests the '86 pro raider at mounds.on the cover.
You can become a freestyle pro ?
The '86 Hutch pro raider.
Mongoose FS-1.
ABA Winternationals.
How to convert your bike to racing or freestyle.
Racer of the year election and poster.
bmx plus! 07 86 july 1986
Plus!'s latest shootout -the under $250 freestyle bikes on the cover. Schwinn Freeform, CW California Shaker, Kuwahara Bravo, Mongoose FS-1 and the Haro FST.
Tests: 5 Top Freestyle Bikes Go Head To Head
Races: NBL Memphis/ ABA Hawaii
Freestyle at the Velodrome
Reader Art
10 Best Tricks in America
Home Starting Gates
Rad Gallery
Can Mountain Bikes Replace BMX Bikes?
Make Your Old Bike New Again
ron wilkersopn bmx plus magazine cover 08 1986 august 1986 (scanned by Brahim 0509 - download)
Haro's Ron Wilkerson in a late-afternoon session in Carlsbad, California on the cover. (inset) Scott Clark (10) and Shawn Texas (on the ground) through the first turn at Bakersfield.
Death of the Pipeline.
1986 CW Z-3000 test.
1986 SE TrickMaster test.
AFA Masters Series, Tulsa, OK.
ABA US Nationals, Bakersfield, CA.
Racing, Pro Starting Techniques.
Product Probe: Mongoose Mini Scoot.
eddie fiola bmx plus! 09 86 september 1986
Eddie Fiola on the cover.
1986 Hanter Attack, Test
1986 Haro Group 1 RS1, Test
AFA Masters Rnd#3, Columbus, OH
Story: The making of RAD TV II.
Special: How to get started in racing?
..and much more !

october 1986 (1a)
Todd Anderson lookback on the cover.
Redline RL-20A bike test.
Freestyle's hottest up and comers: Josh White, Rick Moliterno and Karl Rothe.
Double jumps.
Shawn Texas interview.
randy tischmann mike king bmx plus! 11 86 november 1986 (scanned - download)
Randy Tischmann and Mike King on the cover,
1986 Diamondback Strike Zone, Test
1986 Kuwahara Nova Titlist, Test
NBL War of the Stars, Pittsburgh, PA
Story: The best and worst inventions of BMX.
Special: The CW Factory Tour
..and much more!
scott towne bmx plus! 12 86 december 1986
ON THE COVER: Scott Towne puts this month's Laser test bike through its paces (main photo); Gary Ellis tries to prove he's not a wimp at the NBL Grands (top inset); Ken Powers powers the GT Pro Freestyle tour in Camarillo. Photos by the notorious John Ker. Design by DeWest. Separations by Valley Film.

46 IBMXF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: Dicin' and duelin' in merry old England
60 NBL GRAND NATIONALS, LOUISVILLE, KY: Sweet Pete makes it complete.

28 IBMXF FREESTYLE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: Stylin' in the Great White North.

36 THE WHEEL SHOOTOUT: Part I: The calm before the storm.
38 LIFE ON THE ROAD, PART II: The final chapter in the CW tour files.
44 PRODUCT PROBE: We scope the ACS Freecoaster, Avocet baldies and the Odyssey Gyro.
51 THE ULTIMATE CHRISTMAS LIST: 25 of the coolest gifts

12 INSIDE SCOOP: Extra! Extra! Read all about it!
16 ASK THE BMXperts: Can I? What if? Can you? Does he...?
18 MAIL BAG: Get it off your chest
78 CHECKPOINT: Who won, where and how much
80 TRICK STUFF: Cool parts to warm your hearts
84 RADICAL RICK: Will he ever be the same?
88 PARTING SHOT: Eric takes the drop.

1986 Jamis Laser 5000 Terminator.
1986 GT Pro Freestyle Tour.